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December 03, 2023 9:03 PM | Anonymous

3rd Edition

Raising Funding in Troubled Times

Karl Dakin

Karl Dakin

Overcoming the Top Challenges to Raising Capital

Entrepreneurs attempting to raise capital now to start or grow their small businesses are facing a capital marketplace that is contracting and changing in response to higher interest rates, inflation, and investors' fear of a chaotic and likely recession. Banks and angel investors, the default places to go for funding, may be unable or unwilling to make capital available. What capital is available is more conservative and more expensive. Raising funding during troubled times requires the exploration of alternative sources of funding and approaches. Efforts should be focused on funding sources that are most aligned with your success and who, like you, must keep moving forward.

Sunday Edition

Like the Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Edition of Instant Funding will include additional information that will make it a longer read.

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The word of the day was ‘distinction with a discussion of the need of a small business to stand out from its competition and the noise of the Internet with an example of Splish Natural’s ( Heal Your Hero program.

Recommended Reading

How Will You Measure Your Life?by Clayton Christianson tackles the question of life balance. Christianson suggests treating one’s personal life and one’s business life as a friendly competition in which each has its own plan and budget for commitment of time and funding.


The ultimate resource in economic development is people. It is people, not capital or raw materials that develop an economy.

Peter Drucker


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Source of Funding

Every state government has an Office of Economic Development which has multiple programs that provide funding. The funding may be a grant, a loan, or contract revenue. You may be eligible because of what your organization does, where it is located, how old it is, and who are the leaders. With federal funding, these types of funding have multiplied greatly. As an example, within Colorado, see the Office of Economic Development and International Trade. out your state and every state in which you do business.


My standard service is one one-on-one consulting where I get on a call or take a meeting with the goal of overcoming challenges and getting an organization moving in the right direction in raising funding as quickly as possible. Challenges may be marketing, management, strategy, communications, planning, personnel, or other issues facing startups and small organizations. I may recommend one of my other services, products, or educational programs to accelerate an affordable solution.


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