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Karl Dakin Runs for Camp Wapiyapi

Join Karl Dakin in the Colfax Marathon in supporting Camp Wapiyapi on May 18, 2024.

At Dakin Capital, we believe in leveraging our resources and network to make a significant impact in our community. This year, Karl Dakin is participating in the Colfax Marathon's 5K event to support an extraordinary cause—Camp Wapiyapi. 

This organization offers a respite for children affected by pediatric cancer, providing them with an opportunity to enjoy childhood away from the challenges of their condition. By providing these children with a space to heal, laugh, and play, Camp Wapiyapi not only enhances their lives but also supports their families during challenging times.

 We are reaching out to our network to support this cause. Contributions of any size can make a huge difference in these children's lives. We encourage you to join us in this initiative—your support can bring smiles and provide healing experiences to many children.

Make a Donation: Please visit the following link to make your contribution: Donate to Camp Wapiyapi. Your generosity will directly support the camp's programming and operations, ensuring more children can benefit from this wonderful experience.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference. Thank you for your support and for being a part of our community-focused initiatives.

Karl Dakin

Dakin Capital LLC


Dakin Capital is supporting the work of CrowdSprout in building a crowd of financial supporters for Colorado food system businesses  - from farm to table.

Karl Dakin is authoring crowdfunding templates for use by small businesses to reduce their time and money in designing, staging and conducting their own DIY capital campaigns.

Investments may be received from any Colorado resident with a small business enabled to raise a maximum of raising $2 million in any one year.

Karl Dakin co-authored the Colorado Crowdfunding Act in 2015 and continues to advocate for the democratization of the capital industry by enabling individuals without wealth (non-accredited investors) to get become owners in Colorado small businesses that create jobs and contribute to the strength of our economy.

Individual capital campaigns may be viewed on the CrowdSprout platform.


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