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Dakin Capital offers services that are tailored to meet your needs. 

Entrepreneur Coach

Dakin Capital offers you an opportunity to install the Entrepreneur Coach widget - on your website.

The Entrepreneur Coach is your AI powered startup ally.

Unlock the power of targeted insights with  the Entrepreneur Coach. This artificial intelligence avatar is your dedicated guide on the complex journey of entrepreneurship. Drawing from two robust sources – OpenAI's vast knowledge base and the specialized input from the Entrepreneur Pro and Knowledge Avatars – the Entrepreneur Coach is uniquely positioned to provide guidance tailored for startups and small businesses.

This service is enabled by the sale of rotating banner advertisements that are displayed above the depiction of the Entrepreneur Coach when it is receiving and answering questions from you and your website visitors. It's our commitment to helping you navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with confidence and clarity. Don't just seek answers; get the right answers, every time.

To arrange installation of the Entrepreneur Coach, contact Knowledge Avatars at:

Customize the Coach

All the value of the Entrepreneur Coach that you receive for free may be elevated to the next level as the "Custom Coach" through a one-year subscription to a package of services provided by Knowledge Avatars. This offering allows you to transform the general-purpose Entrepreneur Coach into a customized digital assistant that seamlessly aligns with your brand's identity.

The purchaser may:

  • Choose from an extensive gallery of images to personify your digital assistant, ensuring it resonates with your brand's aesthetics and ethos.
  • Select your avatar's voice, choosing from a spectrum of ages and genders that complements your brand's persona.
  • Cater to a global audience by selecting a primary language for your Custom Coach from a vast choice of thirty-three languages.

The purchaser will attend a one-hour webinar where you will learn to train the Custom Coach by uploading crucial information about your business, allowing your Custom Coach to evolve into more than just a chatbot. The Custom Coach can fill myriad roles as your digital receptionist, sales assistant, or support role, actively enhancing user interaction on your website -  it's an enhancement to your business's online persona. This invaluable assistant ensures you're always putting your best digital foot forward, offering interactive, customized, and efficient assistance to every website visitor. Make every digital interaction count!

$240 / year



Dakin Capital may be engaged to answer your questions, develop documents or perform any capital campaign management activities.

Hourly - $295/hour

Project - $250/hour - blocks of 10 hours

Operations - $150/hour + equity - blocks of 500 hours

Contact Karl Dakin to discuss.


Dakin Capital offers a tailored report that sheds light on a startup and a small business's potential to raise capital. By filling out four succinct questionnaires, businesses can provide insights into their operations, their ability to tell their story, who benefits from their success and their options in constructing offers.

With information provided by your organization, Dakin Capital applies its knowledge and the Motivated Money Method to raising capital. Under this lens,  Dakin Capital generates a quick report that not only gives professional feedback but also provides a roadmap tailored to the unique nuances of your business.

The report will identify the key challenges of the business to raising capital and workable solutions. The report will generate a profile of one or more groups of stakeholders that should be considered high priority investor candidates. The report will also frame one or more offers that should be attractive to these stakeholders.

For the entrepreneur that has never raised capital before or the small business whose experience is limited to friends and family, the report may serve as the foundation not only for their next capital campaign, but also serve as a strategic path to follow in completing multiple capital raises. 




Dakin Capital can take leadership of your capital campaign with a full range of services in design, staging and conduct of all activities:

  • Identification of investor candidates
  • Capital needs assessment
  • Crafting of investment offer
  • Closing investments
  • Planning the capital campaign
  • Telling your story
  • Telling the investor's story
  • Pitching 

Services are quoted on a case by case basis.

Contact Karl Dakin to discuss.


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