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December 01, 2023 8:54 PM | Anonymous

1st Edition

Funding Requirements

Karl Dakin

Karl Dakin

Overcoming the Top Challenges to Raising Capital

To raise funding today, (1) you must already know your investor candidate, (2) the investor candidate must hold the resources you need, and (3) the investor candidate must be sufficiently motivated. Anything else will take more time or fail. The first two requirements are mandatory. An investor candidate cannot invest in an organization if they do not know they exist and an investment cannot be completed if there is no capital to do so. The third requirement – motivation – is the key variable. There are hundreds of motivations of different natures and amounts which vary with each investor candidate and their present mindset. Understanding these individual motivations enables successfully raising funding.

Next Motivated Money Engagement:

Join the conversation. Karl Dakin will be a guest on Don Cohen’sHour of Empoweron Dec. 13, 9 am MST on LinkedIn Live

Last Motivated Money Engagement:

Karl Dakin and Matt Walsh were guests on Don Cohen’sHour of Empoweron Nov. 29 on LinkedIn Live

The word of the day was ‘distinction with a discussion of the need of a small business to stand out from its competition and the noise of the Internet with an example of Splish Natural’s ( Heal Your Hero program.

Motivated Money Half-Day Workshop

You are invited to attend the Motivated Money Half-Day Workshop on Tuesday, Dec. 19 from 8 am to Noon MST. This online educational program is live with Karl Dakin as he introduces his Motivated Money Method to raising capital and addresses the top four challenges to raising capital with lecture, examples, exercises and interactive discussion. $250



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