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Dakin Capital offers a tailored report that sheds light on a startup and a small business's potential to raise capital. By filling out four succinct questionnaires, businesses can provide insights into their operations, their ability to tell their story, who benefits from their success, and their options in constructing offers. With the information provided by your organization, Dakin Capital applies its knowledge and the Motivated Money Method to raising capital. Under this lens, Dakin Capital generates a quick report that not only gives professional feedback but also provides a roadmap tailored to the unique nuances of your business. The report will identify the key challenges of the business to raising capital and workable solutions. The report will generate a profile of one or more groups of stakeholders that should be considered high-priority investor candidates. The report will also frame one or more offers that should be attractive to these stakeholders. For the entrepreneur that has never raised capital before or the small business whose experience is limited to friends and family, the report may serve as the foundation not only for their next capital campaign but also serve as a strategic path to follow in completing multiple capital raises. Dakin Capital will also point out known funding sources that should be explored by the small business.


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