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Entrepreneur Pro has produced 28 episodes of the Motivated Money Poscast. Each episode is a deep dive into one of the many challenges of raising capital and an application of the Motivated Money Method to eliminate or reduce the challenge. Episodes are a mix of briefings by Karl Dakin and hosted interviews of entrepreneurs engaged on some stage of performance of a capital campaign.

Episodes may be viewed for FREE on many Internet channels.




Entrepreneur Pro has authored a book/webinar bundle titled Overcoming the Top 10 Challenges to Startup Funding.

This educational book and webinar duo promises to be a starting point for every entrepreneur stepping into the realm of capital fundraising.

 The e-book includes:

  • An introduction to the Motivated Money Method: Understand the innovative strategy that is changing the game for startups.
  • Fundamentals of Startup Funding: Dive into an in-depth exploration of ten primary  challenges faced by entrepreneurs during capital campaigns.
  • Examples / Myth Busters: See how the Challenge is addressed and where what you thought you knew may not be true.
  • Hands-On Exercises: Unlock the solutions to your organization’s need for capital.
  • Self-Test Sections: Validate your understanding!
  • Glossary: Demystify the jargon and complex terminology of the capital industry.
  • Resource Directory: Equip yourself with a curated list of technical assistance and information sources.

The webinar presents a concise, one-hour pre-recorded session giving you a snapshot of the ten primary hurdles startups face in executing a successful capital campaign. It's your quick guide to navigating the challenging waters of startup funding.




Live with Karl Dakin, take a deep dive into the intricacies of startup funding. Masterfully produced by Entrepreneur Pro, this workshop promises to be an enlightening experience for every budding entrepreneur.

The Workshop presents an in-depth examination of four key challenges to startup funding:

  • ·       Identification of Stakeholder Investor Candidates: Unravel the secrets to pinpointing stakeholders with a motivation to invest in your business.
  • ·       Crafting an Offer: Master the art of crafting investment proposals that compel investor consideration.
  • ·       Pitching an Offer: Learn the nuances of delivering a compelling pitch, ensuring your business's vision matches the needs of your investor candidates.
  • ·       Planning a Capital Campaign: Steer your fundraising journey with a strategic blueprint tailored to your business needs.

Seize this invaluable opportunity to converse directly with Karl Dakin. Bring forth your questions, listen to enlightening anecdotes, and gain powerful fundraising tools from a pioneer in the field.

Each attending organization may bring three representatives that receive the Workshop Workbook, fundraising templates, and a video recording of the Workshop.

Following your order, you will be provided dates of upcoming Workshops and access codes to  download the Workbook, templates, and video recording.

$500 per organization


Live with Karl Dakin, this educational program takes a big stept toward designing and staging your capital campaign. 

The Bootcamp  an in-depth examination of the eight steps of the Motivated Money approach to raising capital: 

  • Step 1 – Identification of Investor Candidates – determination of who, why and how may invest in a particular business
  • Step 2 – Determining Your Capital Needs – a list of assets needed to start and grow your business
  • Step 3 – Strategizing Your Offering -setting a direction for raising capital activities that is directed to qualified investor candidates
  • Step 4 – Closing an Investment – documentation, procedure and practice of formalizing an investment
  • Step 5 – Planning the Capital Campaign – setting tasks, allocating responsibility for their performance leading to a budget and schedle
  • Step 6 – Telling Your Story – crafting information needed by an investor candidate to make an investment decision
  • Step 7 – Telling Your Story as the Investor Candidates’ Story – framing a pitch to match the needs of the investor candidate
  • Step 8 – Making Your Pitch – presentation of information within a process that end in a positive investment decision

Presented over 10 weekly sessions comprising 25 hours of instruction.

    Each session includes lecture, examples, exercises and discussion intended to optimize your understanding of raising capital. 

    Each attending organization may bring three representatives that receive the session workbooks, fundraising templates, and video recording of all sessions.

    $2,500 per organization


    The fundraising kit provides a blueprint for building a personal capital campaign to benefit a charity using the renowned Motivated Money Method.

    The fundraising kit includes:

    • Stakeholder identification of donor candidates whose interests align with the mission of the charity and are most inclined to donate.
    • Learn the art of creating persuasive pitches that resonate deeply with your identified stakeholders' motivations.
    • Embrace the future of fundraising with the use of Chat GPT using artificial intelligence to expedite your planning and document development and to elevate the voice of your message.
    • Save time and effort with our pre-designed phone, email, and interview scripts, social media posts and articles
    • Receive real-world examples of a capital campaign developed by Karl Dakin to benefit the Cancer League of Colorado through his participation in their Over the Edge challenge.

    Whether you're an individual rallying support for a local cause or an organization backing a global initiative, the Dakin’s Edge Fundraising Kit is adaptable to your needs. Use it to champion any charity close to your heart.


    Dakin Capital will make a $25 donation to the Cancer League of Colorado for each purchaser of the Dakin’s Edge Fundraising Kit.


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