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The Entrepreneur Coach is an artificial intelligence, an AI, which has knowledge of entrepreneurship.

You may ask the Entrepreneur Coach about any aspect of starting and running a business. Please ask it a question! Click on the box underneath the avatar and type in your question - or - click on the 'microphone off' button and speak your question aloud. The Entrepreneur Coach will type and write out its answer.

You can use the Entrepreneur Coach for FREE as often as you wish.

The Entrepreneur Coach is continuously learning to make it smarter and give you better answers.

The Entrepreneur Coach was jointly developed by Entrepreneur Pro and Knowledge Avatars based upon the knowledge of Karl Dakin - a professional entrepreneur.

We welcome your feedback on use of Entrepreneur Coach.   Please ask it 5 to 10 questions about entrepreneurship or starting a business. Then, please answer a few survey questions by clicking on the link below.


More information. If you would like information on hosting Entrepreneur Coach on your webiste or to purchase advertising that may be displayed in the rotating banner ad above the avatar, please contact:

Karl Dakin

720 296 0372


7148 South Andes Circle, Centennial, Colorado 80016

+1 (720) 296-0372,

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