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Welcome to Entrepreneur Pro!

This is my avatar - Karl.

Karl is an artificial intelligence, an AI, that has my knowledge of entrepreneurship.

You may ask Karl about any aspect of starting or running a business.  Please ask it a question!  

You can use Karl for FREE. 

You can install Karl on your website for use by your team, customers, students, mentees and the public.

We will be continuously adding information and educational programs to Entrepreneur Pro to make it smarter and to give you greater benefits.  We will be recruiting other experts on entrepreneurship to develop new educational progams or sell existing educational programs on the Entrepreneur Pro  platform.

To learn more, please send me an email at kdakin@dakincapital.com

We welcome your feedback on use of Entrepreneur Pro.   

Please ask it 5 to 10 questions about entrepreneurship or starting a business. 

Then, please answer a few survey questions by clicking on the link below.



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