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Dakin Capital is a licensed provider of the Sprint Program - a six month turnkey package of services to manage your capital campaign.

The Sprint Program utilizes the Motivated Money approach to raising capital that targets investor candidates that are most motivated to invest in a specific organization. This motivation is based upon investor candidates who stand to benefit from the success of the organization before making any investment.

DC Sprint Program 9 15 2022.pdf

Clients will progress through a six-month process in the design, staging and conduct of their capital campaign:

  • Motivated investor candidates will be identified
  • A strategy will be developed
  • Offerings will be crafted to match investor interests
  • Capital campaign plan developed
  • Promotional materials created
  • Tasks allocated
  • Pitches made to investor candidates

Clients will receive:

  • 120 hours of consultation
  • Attendance of the Motivated Money Bootcamp
  • Improved probability of success in attaining capital goals
  • Reduced time and expense in conducting campaign
  • Ability to focus on management of their organization


The price for the Sprint Program is a flat fee of $30,000 plus an equity ownership position in the organization or participation in a revenue share arrangement.

To obtain more information on the Sprint Program and the suitability of your organization, please contact:

Karl Dakin

720 296 0372


7148 South Andes Circle, Centennial, Colorado 80016

+1 (720) 296-0372,

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